SPSM® Certification

The purchasing certification for real workplace results

Is lacking a purchasing certification keeping you from getting the results, opportunities, respect, and money that you want out of your career? Today's employers refuse to reward employees for yesterday's skills. They demand that purchasing professionals like you use the most modern skills and achieve unprecedented results. They want you to save more money, achieve better operational performance, and reduce risk.

So how can you acquire the most modern skills, achieve meaningful results, and convincingly prove your capabilities to today's employers? There is an impressive purchasing certification program that will teach you what you need to drive improvements in your organization. Having this purchasing certification communicates that you are supremely qualified for achieving success. It is the SPSM® Certification, earned by completing the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program. And you could earn it in less than a year - maybe even much less than a year!

How exactly do you earn the SPSM® Certification?

Earning your SPSM® Certification is a three-step process:
  1. LEARN: Pass the six self-paced online courses covering Level 1 of the Strategic Procurement & Supply Management Body of Knowledge™. The competencies covered include:
    • Purchasing Fundamentals
    • Analysis & Spreadsheets
    • Contract Law
    • Negotiation
    • Purchasing Best Practices
    • Strategic Sourcing
  2. PROVE: Pass the SPSM® Exam

  3. APPLY: Submit your certification application

How will you benefit by earning this purchasing certification?

  • You get real-world skills and strategies that will help you perform better in the workplace right away!
  • You will join an elite group of purchasing professionals who are reporting that the SPSM® Certification has helped them get large pay increases, great performance evaluations, and promotions!
  • You can demonstrate to your employer how committed you are to being the best at what you do!
  • You can use the SPSM® credentials after your name, increasing the respect you'll earn from your management, co-workers, and peers!
  • You earn your purchasing certification entirely online - you can complete the whole program whenever and wherever you want!

SPSM® Certification: By the Numbers

  • $958,546: Purchasing professionals who have earned the SPSM® Certification achieve an average of $958,546 more cost savings and avoidance for their employers per year than those who haven't earned the SPSM®
  • $15,385: Purchasing professionals who have earned the SPSM® Certification earn an average of $15,385 more per year than those who haven't.
  • 90+: Wondering how globally-recognized the SPSM® Certification is? Well, thousands of purchasing professionals from over 90 countries around the world have earned the SPSM® Certification.
  • 0: There are no level of education or years of experience pre-requisites for earning the SPSM® Certification.

To learn more about how this purchasing certification works, click on the short video below.

Watch this short video to see how each of the courses in the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program work.

What are others saying about the SPSM® Certification?

Purchasing Certification Earner "I have successfully managed to earn a 35% increase in my salary, and the key for that is my enrollment into the SPSM® Programs, which gave me more skills and tactics. I have managed to show and prove how much benefit they gave my company."

Charbel Frangieh, SPSM, SPSM2
Procurement Manager
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Purchasing Certification Recipient "I'm a new mom so finding time to myself to study is difficult. The fact that each course is broken down into lessons makes the process so much easier to take on. The lessons are written to help you understand and retain the information right away instead of having to re-read it multiple times. I'm so excited to be SPSM®-Certified, thank you Next Level Purchasing."

Kayla Cochran, SPSM
Jr. Buyer
California, United States

Ready to enroll?

If you enroll in the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program on or before June 30, 2015, you will receive all of these bonuses:

  • FREE NLPA Premium Membership for 1 year (a $99.99 value)
  • FREE Personalized Performance Appraisal Improvement Analysis by email (a $400 value)

SPSM® Certification Program

SPSM® Certification
& Enhanced Results Program with iPad

  • 6 online courses
  • SPSM® Exam
  • Certification Application

  • 6 online courses
  • SPSM® Exam
  • Certification Application
  • iPad w/ Multimedia Study & Implementation Guide
  • 30-minute phone consultation with instructor
  • Supply Management In The Real World eBook
Program start date: Open

Price: $1,538  $1,149 US
Program start date: Open

Price: $2,388  $1,999 US

The deadline for the pricing and bonuses listed above is July 31, 2015.

Interested, but need some more information?

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