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Purchasing Professionals: Are You Struggling To Prove Your Value?

Are you a purchasing professional who is:

  • Annoyed that internal customers don’t give you the respect you deserve?
  • Frustrated that you haven’t been given the opportunities to showcase your capabilities?
  • Tired of getting disappointing performance evaluations?
  • Afraid that lacking a credential is limiting how far you can go in your career?

This buyer is earning her purchasing certification online from the NLPA

There is good news!

You can show internal customers how much of an expert you really are. You can deliver unprecedented results that your management will value. And you can be trusted with the responsibilities that will help get your career on the rise. The Next Level Purchasing Association can help transform you from an average buyer to a procurement superstar with the most globally-recognized purchasing certification. As the official source of prestigious SPSM® Certification, we can provide you with the training and purchasing certification you need to rank among the most valued purchasing professionals on the planet!

semethy-testimonial"We have seen SPSM  as a change management tool to support our people to go on the journey to world-class procurement."

-Robert Semethy, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3
Chief Procurement Officer – Erste Group


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