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Benefits of an SPSM® certification :

  • Professional mastery: NLPA’s expert instructors equip designees with best practices applicable to any industry;
  • Boosted earning potential: SPSM® professionals earn 15% more than their non-certified counterparts*;
  • Competitive advantage: Top-tier companies increasingly prefer the SPSM as a prerequisite for higher-level opportunities and strategic procurement positions;
  • Distinction which affirms:SPSM Certification
    1. your drive to achieve;
    2. your competence via validated knowledge and skills;
    3. your commitment to the procurement and purchasing profession

Get Your SPSM® Certification in 3 Easy Steps

Pass six self-paced online procurement courses. These courses cover Level 1 of the Strategic Procurement & Supply Management Body of Knowledge®.

Pass the SPSM® Exam. You can take this exam from any device with Internet access. And, you will only be tested on the material you covered in the courses.

Apply what you’ve learned to achieve measurable results; save more money, improve performance, and mor

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