Purchasing’s Assessment of Skills for Success (PASS) Program

A procurement skills benchmarking resource from the NLPA

Most leaders have an idea of the skills levels of their procurement team members.  However, while you may have a subjective idea of which skill competencies could stand to be improved, having an objective, 3rd party confirmation can ensure you’re focusing your training budget where it would be most effective.

One of the tools the NLPA offers to qualifying organizations to help focus their training plans is the Purchasing’s Assessment of Skills for Success (PASS) Program.  Not all procurement departments have an unlimited budget, so the PASS Program was created to help those teams pinpoint the skills gaps that exist and identify the biggest opportunities to make a positive impact through training and development.

The PASS Program will give you a roadmap for greater success. After each of your team members answers 63 multiple-choice questions online, you will get these valuable reports:

  • A color-coded assessment report showing you your department’s and each of your team members’ strengths and areas for improvement in 9 competencies
  • A written performance improvement plan customized to your needs and limitations.

PASS Requirements

The PASS Program is for procurement teams that:

  • Have 5 or more procurement team members
  • Have a goal to improve performance through skill development
  • Have a budget in place or funding available to pursue skill development

The Next Level Purchasing Association offers this resource to a limited number of qualified companies. To learn more details and determine if your team qualifies for the PASS Program, please complete the form below.  Within 1-3 business days, you will receive a response from one of our Business Development Managers to discuss assessing your team.