Online Express Courses

Learn valuable procurement lessons in these short courses

Are you looking for a quick way to get up to speed on very specific procurement topics?  Then these short procurement lessons are just what you need.

Each of the NLPA’s online Express Courses are one lesson in duration, requiring only a 30-60 minute investment of time.

If you’re looking for more in-depth training on essential procurement topics, check out the NLPA’s full-length procurement courses.



Managing Supplier Performance

Looking to improve the performance of your suppliers? In this procurement lesson you will learn how to develop a supplier evaluation program to help correct poor supplier performance.


Negotiation No-No’s

Could you be making mistakes during negotiations and not even know it?  This Express Course will alert you to the common negotiation mistakes many procurement professionals make so you can avoid them.


15 Rules For Ethical Supplier Interaction

You may be aware of many situations that are obviously unethical, but there are some situations that ride the line and could very well get you in trouble.  Learn about many of them and how to avoid them in this Express Course.


Preventing and Managing Backdoor Selling

Many supplier salespeople are so skilled at backdoor selling that their clients don’t realize how much money they are losing. Learn effective best practice approaches for eliminating backdoor selling from your organization in this Express Course.


7 Critical Steps of Effective Supplier Selection

Often, poor supplier performance could have been avoided if better processes were in place when selecting suppliers from the start. In this Express Course you will learn to develop a reliable process for identifying and selecting the best supplier each and every time.

Young businessman sitting in office chair with glowing charts above his head

Procurement KPI’s & Business Acumen Series (4 parts)

In this Express Course you’ll learn how to use key performance indicators properly and develop the business acumen necessary to use that data to make intelligent business decisions.


Tips For Regret-Free Supplier Communication

Great business communication skills are a must in today’s procurement environment.  Learn communication methods that facilitate good supplier performance in this Express Course.


How to Take Charge of Your Procurement Career

There are defined steps that you can, and should be, taking tot ensure that your procurement career is on the path you desire.  Whether you are currently seeking a job or looking for your next opportunity to move ahead this Express Course will help ensure you are ready to achieve your career potential.


Supplier Development Program Basics Series (2 parts)

Those procurement professionals who achieve fantastic supplier performance don’t just luck into it.  They have a plan for developing their suppliers and you can, too, by taking these procurement lessons.


Excel Basics for Buyers

Excel is a powerful tool for procurement.  But without a sure foundation, it’s hard to know where to get started. Learn the basics of Excel in this Express Course.


Adding Procurement Value to Marketing Spend

Marketing is a newer category for procurement spend, but it is ripe with opportunities to add value.  Learn how to work with your marketing department to achieve shared goals in this Express Course.


Championship-Caliber Negotiation Preparation

Fail to prepare and you might as well prepare to fail, right?  Well that is certainly true when it comes to negotiation.  There’s no shortcut to success; learn how to most effectively prepare for your next negotiation in this Express Course.


Creative Negotiation For Buyers

Win-win situations are proving to be the new norm in today’s procurement negotiations.  In this lesson on procurement you’ll learn strategies for developing these relationships with your suppliers so you can being achieving even better deals.


How to Present a Case for Better Procurement

Have an idea of how to improve something in your procurement organization but unsure how to get management buy-in?  This is the Express Course for you!  Learn ideas for how to persuade your management to approve your initiatives.


Making The Right Negotiation First Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so ensure that the first impression your suppliers have of you is one of a strong negotiator.  Learn negotiation strategies for making the best first impression in this Express Course.


Next Generation Procurement Talent Management

There are 3 key tenets of procurement talent management: recruitment, training, and retention.  In this Express Course you will learn strategies for finding the best procurement talent, training them to be even better, and retaining them through their career.

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