Finance For Strategic Procurement (2-Part Series)

Learn how to use finance for procurement work


Do you understand precisely how your procurement work impacts your organization’s financial performance?

Do you understand how to use advanced financial principles in your procurement decision making? Is a lack of this understanding keeping you from earning the respect you deserve? After all, today’s CEO’s and CFO’s expect procurement professionals to know how their work supports corporate goals, how to communicate in the language of finance, and how to make sound decisions with positive financial implications.

You can quickly learn all of the financial principles you need to know for success in procurement today. Our two-part “Finance For Strategic Procurement” series of online courses will help you comprehensively understand how to apply financial principles in your daily procurement work for better workplace results.

The Finance For Strategic Procurement Series is divided into two parts. Part I focuses on understanding financial statements and measuring and communicating a procurement department’s contribution to the organization. Part II focuses on how financial decisions are made and evaluating supplier health. You must complete Part I to be eligible to enroll in Part II.  You can enroll in both at the same time for a special discount.


Ready To Enroll?

If you are:

  • A procurement professional who wants to collaborate more effectively with senior executives
  • Looking to learn how to implement principles of finance for procurement success

Then “Finance For Strategic Procurement” would be a great series of courses for you.

Bonuses for enrolling by deadline below:

  • FREE printer-friendly, PDF version of the course material
  • FREE Lifetime Purchasing Skills Retention Package

Number of Courses: 2

Length of Training: 16 hours

Duration of Access: 60 days

Start Date: Access begins as soon as you enroll

Cost: $399 US

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The deadline for the pricing and bonuses listed above is March 31, 2016.

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