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Essential procurement templates and resources for today’s procurement professionals

No more searching the internet or spending valuable time creating procurement templates from scratch, with the NLPA Library procurement professionals have quick access to authoritative tools, templates, procurement reports, and education that enable them to implement effective procurement solutions.

Templates & Documents

  • Category Savings Potential Assessment Questionnaire Template
  • Certification Announcement To Internal Customers Template
  • Contract Review Checklist Template
  • Contract Termination Letter Sample – New!
  • Cost Savings Spreadsheet Template
  • Internal Customer Service Survey Template
  • Multiple Procurement Position Level Competency Chart Template
  • Negotiation Checklist Template
  • Procurement Balanced Scorecard
  • Procurement Ethics Checklist Template
  • Procurement Executive Presentation Template

  • Procurement Report Template
  • Requisition Questionnaire
  • Procurement Policy Template
  • Proposal Evaluation Checklist Template
  • Request For Proposal (RFP) Template
  • RFP Preparation Letter Sample – New!
  • Supplier Documentation Requirement Matrix  – New!
  • Supplier Quality Checklist Template
  • Supplier Responsibility Checklist Template
  • Supplier RFP Scorecard Template
  • Supply Risk Checklist Template

Webinar Slides & Replays

  • Tips For Writing Better RFP’s
  • Keeping Procurement Out of the Doghouse: How To Fulfill The Promise of Great Strategic Sourcing –
  • 7 Steps For Fueling Better Procurement Team Performance
  • Procurement and the “as-a-Service” Movement
  • Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2016
  • The SPSM Certification: What Can It Do For Your Procurement Career?
  • Supplier Risk Mitigation Through Contracting
  • Procurement Talent Management: How Today’s Procurement Leaders Build Their Teams
  • Why Contract Management Matters and 5 Tips to Quickly Improve
  • Expanding Procurement’s Influence Through Supply Market Intelligence
  • Supplier Risk Management – Identifying & Managing Critical Risks
  • Spend Analysis Solution Selection: What to Look for in Software and Services
  • The Purchasing Skills & Performance Benchmarking Webinar
  • How to Set Up and Run an Ocean Freight Reverse
  • Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2015
  • Advanced Strategies for ‘Extreme’ Negotiations with Suppliers
  • The Future Direction of Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Social Responsibility
  • The Leading Influence
  • The Future of Procurement Technology: Portable, Powerful, Pivotal
  • NLPA Conference Preview Featuring Excerpts From Actual Workshops
  • Enlightened Skill Development in Procurement
  • Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2014
  • How To Present A Case For Smarter Procurement: 7 Steps For Getting Management To Approve Your Procurement Ideas
  • Acquiring e-Sourcing and e-Procurement Technology; What Questions Should You Be Asking?
  • Bridging the Gap Between IT and Procurement
  • Making Sense of e- in Sourcing and Procurement:  What Solution Do You Really Need?
  • The Herding of Cats: A Strategic Approach To Enterprise-Wide Purchasing
  • 20 Ways To Create The Perfect Negotiation First Impression
  • What Every Procurement Professional Should Know About Cloud Computing
  • NLPA Conference Preview Featuring Excerpts From Actual Workshops
  • How to Negotiate & Buy on Total Cost of Ownership
  • Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2013
  • Two Views of Sourcing (And How To Do It Right!)
  • Overcoming the Complexities of IT Purchasing
  • Aligning Procurement Initiatives to Company Culture
  • The Relationship Driven Supply Chain, from Service to Success
  • Risk Management in Purchasing
  • Championship-Caliber Negotiation
  • Procurement KPI’s For Maximum Cost Savings
  • Tips For Regret-Free Supplier Communication
  • Introduction to Quality Management in Procurement
  • Getting The Most from Strategic Sourcing
  • Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2012
  • Future Trends in Procurement
  • How To Take Charge of Your Procurement Career & Make It A Successful One
  • 7 Steps For Improved Purchasing Team Performance & Better Skills
  • What’s Next for Procurement: Innovating to Drive Value
  • Increasing Personal Productivity: Small Changes with Big Results
  • Preventing and Managing Back Door Selling
  • 8.9 – A Case Study for Proactive Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement Ethics: The Obvious & Not So Obvious Challenges
  • Purchasing & Supply Management Salaries in 2011

Interview Transcripts

  • Procurement Strategy Do’s & Don’ts
  • Supplier Management: Make It Strategic
  • Supplier Insurance Best Practices
  • Using A Should Cost Model In Negotiation
  • T & E Management: Procurement’s Domain?
  • Sourcing Problems In A Slow Economy
  • The Finer Points Of Strategic Procurement
  • Are You Chief Procurement Officer Material?
  • Cost Reduction Ideas (Beyond Sourcing)
  • Procurement Technology Success Secrets
  • Commodities Prices: Managing The Insanity
  • Global Strategic Sourcing Tools
  • Green Procurement: Let’s Get Started!
  • Cost Savings: From Potential To Actua

  • Skillfully Managing Supplier Relationships
  • Purchasing Resume Perfection
  • Buyers Ask: What Is Market Intelligence?
  • Doing Better Business With Small Suppliers
  • Purchasing, Social Responsibility, & Animals
  • What Is Supply Chain Optimization?
  • Supplier Diversity Challenges
  • Spend Analysis: Whatcha Looking For?
  • Should Purchasing Manage The Warehouse?
  • Office Supplies Sourcing Secrets
  • Is Contract Management A Critical Process?
  • Demystifying Group Purchasing Organizations
  • Supply Chain Technology: What’s Next?
  • Suppliers’ Secrets For Negotiating With Purchasing


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