SPSM2® Certification

Earn a true procurement management certification

Being successful as a buyer is one thing – being successful in global procurement management is another.  Global procurement management doesn’t just require a mastery of purchasing and sourcing fundamentals.  It requires the ability to lead others to success.  And it requires the knowledge and skills to be able to manage any purchasing arrangement successfully, whether your suppliers are across the street or around the world.

The SPSM2® Certification is more than just a purchasing certification.  It is an advanced global procurement management certification.  In the SPSM2® Program, you will learn how to manage a purchasing department, how to manage procurement projects, and how to buy internationally.

By earning your SPSM2® Certification, you will truly set yourself apart and above your procurement peers.  The SPSM® Certification already places you among the elite in the procurement profession.  The SPSM2® Certification qualifies you to be a leader among the elite!

The SPSM2® is not a replacement for the original SPSM® Certification, but simply a higher level of achievement. Similar to a master’s degree being a higher level compared to a bachelor’s degree, the SPSM2® will be an indication of your continued dedication to advancing your career. The SPSM2® Certification builds on the skills and knowledge that you have already acquired while earning the SPSM® Certification and adds training in areas that are becoming more mission critical in the purchasing field:  international procurement and managerial skills.

How do you earn the SPSM2® Certification?

Earning your SPSM2® Certification is a three-step process, similar to earning the original SPSM® Certification.

Only currently certified SPSM’s in good-standing are eligible to enroll in the SPSM2® Program.

Step 1: LEARN
Pass the four self-paced online courses covering Level 2 of the Strategic Procurement & Supply Management Body of Knowledge™. You can expect it to take 32 hours on average to complete these courses. The competencies covered include:

Step 2: PROVE
Pass the SPSM2® Exam. You’ll only be tested on the material you covered in the courses.
Step 3: APPLY
Submit your SPSM2® Certification application.

How will you benefit by earning this global procurement management certification?

Maintaining your place among the top talent in the profession and ensuring that you are ready for tomorrow’s procurement challenges is crucial. As an SPSM2®, you’ll become one of the most elite procurement professionals ready to handle challenges with confidence while achieving great results.

Achieving your SPSM2® Certification will also fulfill 100% of your SPSM® recertification requirements.  By earning the SPSM2® Certification, you’ll recertify your original SPSM® for an additional 4 years, even if your original SPSM® Certification expires earlier. Your original SPSM® Certification will become linked to your SPSM2® Certification. Recertifying for the SPSM2® automatically recertifies you for the SPSM and both will have the same expiration date.

Ready to enroll?

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Number of Courses: 4

Length of Training: 32 hours

Duration of Access: 1 Year

Start Date: Access begins as soon as you enroll

Cost: $935 US

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ALL ACCESS Certification Programs

Number of Courses: 16

Length of Training: 150+ hours

Duration of Access: 3 Years

Start Date: Access begins as soon as you enroll

Cost:   $3,057 US

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