Pay-As-You-Go Certification Plan

A payment plan to help you earn your SPSM® Certification


If you’ve wanted to earn your SPSM® Certification but have struggled with deciding to pay the up-front costs of the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program, there is good news! Next Level Purchasing Association has a Pay-As-You-Go Certification Plan so that you can earn your supply chain certification without paying large sums of money at one time.

The Pay-As-You-Go Certification Plan allows you to enroll in any of the six certification courses individually and decide later if you wish to use it towards SPSM® Certification! Depending on how you wish to spread out your payments, you can take just one course, take a few, or take them all. It’s up to you! There is no obligation to pursue your supply chain certification. If you complete all six classes that are part of the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program, you will have the option of taking the SPSM® Exam and applying for SPSM® Certification.

Here are the steps and current costs associated with earning your SPSM® Certification via the Pay-As-You-Go Certification Plan. Note that these costs are subject to change without notice. And, just to be clear, it is more expensive to pay for these supply chain certification components separately than it is to pay for enrollment in the SPSM® Certification Program, which includes each of these components.


If you want to earn your supply chain certification less expensively, please be reminded that enrolling in the SPSM® Certification Program includes all of the above steps for a package price of $1,159. Please also note that members who enroll in the full program also get many additional bonuses, including access to the NLPA Library.

Step #Step DescriptionCost (USD)
1Take Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals online class$ 229.00
2Take Microsoft Excel For Purchasing Professionals online class$ 229.00
3Take Supply Management Contract Writing online class$ 229.00
4Take Powerful Negotiation for Successful Buying online class$ 229.00
5Take 14 Purchasing Best Practices online class$ 229.00
6Take Savings Strategy Development online class$ 229.00
7Take SPSM® Exam$ 75.00
8Submit application$ 89.00
TOTAL$ 1,538.00

You simply need to decide if you would rather:

(a) spend less money by enrolling in the SPSM® Certification Program (You will save $379 by purchasing the program in full, plus get many additional bonuses.)


(b) pay more but have the ability to spread your payments out through the Pay-As-You-Go Certification Plan.

Here are some important details about the Pay-As-You-Go Certification Plan:

  • When you successfully complete each online course, you have the ability to generate and print a Certificate of Completion. Each Certificate notes the date that you completed the applicable course. Copies of these certificates must be included when you submit your application. For a Certificate of Completion to be valid towards SPSM® Certification, the completion date on the certificate may not be more than five years earlier than the date on which your application was postmarked.
  • Cost of courses, the SPSM® Exam, and the application fee are subject to change without notice. The only way to have complete certainty over your supply chain certification costs is to fully enroll in the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program, which features an all-inclusive price.
  • Taking the courses in the order described is strongly recommended, but not required. The order of the courses represents a logical progression from the most basic material to the most advanced.


So what are you waiting for?

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