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You have two all-inclusive SPSM® Certification program options. If you are ready to enroll using a credit card, click on the appropriate “Enroll” link below and proceed through the check-out process.

SPSM® Certification


6 Online Courses

  • Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Excel for Purchasing Professionals
  • Supply Management Contract Writing
  • Powerful Negotiation for Successful Buying
  • 14 Purchasing Best Practices
  • Savings Strategy Development

These courses comprise Level 1 of the SPSM-BOK®

Exam Attempt

A credit to take the SPSM® Exam (a savings of $75).

If a participant is unsuccessful at passing on the included attempt, additional retakes are $75 US each.

Certification Application

The fee for processing your certification application is included (a savings of $89)

NLPA Library

During the duration of your access and when you become certified, as long as you are in good-standing, you will have access to all of the templates, resources, on-demand webinars, slide decks, and more that are included in the NLPA Library.

Length of Training: 48 hours

Duration of Access: 1 Year

Start Date: Access begins as soon as you enroll

Cost: $1,159 US (A savings of $379 vs “Pay-As-You-Go” option)

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 Enroll in the SPSM®, SPSM2®, & SPSM3TM Certification Programs

Number of Courses: 14

Length of Training: 112 hours

Duration of Access: 3 Years

Start Date: Access begins as soon as you enroll

Cost: $3057 US

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