Advantages of the SPSM® Certification

A must-read for determining your best procurement certification option

SPSM vs CPSM - Advantages of CertificationAre you in the process of comparing procurement certifications for the career development of yourself or your team? Choosing a procurement certification is an important decision because earning and maintaining a certification is a multi-year commitment.

Each procurement certification is dramatically different, so only looking at one factor (e.g., cost, familiarity, etc.) is not enough to make the best decision. The document “Advantages of the NLPA’s SPSM® Certification Vs. The Competition” was designed to educate you on the important factors to consider when comparing two or more certification options.

If you’re comparing the SPSM vs CPSM, SPSM vs CSCP, or SPSM vs MCIPS, then you must read this document before making your very important decision. There are 16 things that you or your procurement team will get from the NLPA’s SPSM® Certification that you won’t get from the competition.  Complete the form below to learn more.