Procurement Training & Certification Starter Kit

It’s easy to start pursuing your SPSM® Certification

Are you searching for a way to improve your procurement skills and advance your career but don’t know where to start? A procurement certification can help you to acquire the most modern procurement skills, achieve meaningful and measurable results, and convincingly prove your capabilities in procurement.

Getting certified in procurement may sound like a huge, insurmountable goal. But you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s not!

Once you get started working towards your SPSM® Certification, you’ll find that earning it is not only easier than you anticipated, but it’s fun, too! If “the hardest part of the journey is the first step,” then the NLPA wants to make that first step on your journey to certification as easy as possible for you. So, we’ve created the Procurement Training & Certification Starter Kit to get you on your way to becoming the certified procurement professional you’ve always wanted to be!

Never before has it been so easy to plan and get started on your procurement certification pursuits! Take your first step towards a more rewarding procurement career – get your Procurement Training & Certification Starter Kit now by signing up for your NLPA Premium & Standard Membership.

Procurement Courses
Over 196,482 purchasing professionals have joined the Next Level Purchasing Association! So, what are you waiting for?

The Starter Kit includes…

Access to the first lesson of “Mastering Purchasing Fundamentals”

By completing this preview lesson, you are actually fulfilling part of the requirements to become SPSM® Certified! This single lesson can be completed in about 35 minutes.

A Certification
Planning Template

This tool will ask you three questions and, based on your responses, let you know exactly what you need to complete to become SPSM®-Certified. You’ll immediately have an estimated date on which you could be certified and it will probably be sooner than you think!

SPSM Certification
Introductory Video

This 4.5 minute video will introduce the SPSM Certification, how it works, and how you can earn your SPSM Certification.

Together, these resources will help you decide how well the SPSM® Certification can help you achieve your career goals.

SPSM® Certification Program

Number of Courses: 6

Length of Training: 48 hours

Duration of Access: 1 Year

Start Date: Access begins as soon as you enroll

Program Fee: $1,300 US

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ALL ACCESS Certification Programs

Number of Courses: 16

Length of Training: 150+ hours

Duration of Access: 3 Years

Start Date: Access begins as soon as you enroll

Program Fee: $3,057 US

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