The Executive’s Guide To The SPSM® Certification

A resource for improvement-minded procurement leaders

Are you struggling to get your procurement department where you want it to be?  If you’re like most procurement leaders, you have a team of buyers that isn’t quite hitting their performance metrics.  Your procurement department lacks credibility with stakeholders and management.  And you feel that the capabilities of your buyers, purchasing agents, procurement specialists, sourcing analysts, and/or managers vary tremendously from person to person.

The good news is that procurement departments don’t have to be that way. Certain procurement leaders have found a program that enabled them to hit their numbers.  A program that helped them earn unprecedented levels of credibility.  A program that elevated the capabilities of their entire teams:  from buyers to CPO’s.  That program is the SPSM® Certification Program!

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Kent Jones, SPSM who implement the SPSM as his choice of procurement professional and buyer certification program

“I feel that professional credentials like the SPSM® bring credibility to our function and are a great motivational tool for our people.”

Kent Jones, SPSM – VP Supply Chain – Wabtec


Paul Sas, who selected the SPSM as his choice for a procurement professional and buyer certification program

“I was looking for a program that would supplement [my buyers’] hospital training and introduce them to a broader spectrum of purchasing responsibilities than they would get just in healthcare…I really push being independent thinkers and what Next Level does best is improve their ability to be self-directed.”

Paul Sas – District Director of Supply Chain Services – PalomarPomerado Health


from Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine.

More than just a buyer certification program, the SPSM® is a thorough procurement performance improvement program. It has many valuable benefits that some procurement leaders hadn’t considered.  From higher cost savings to getting all buyers “on the same page” to even having a more fun procurement workplace, the SPSM® Certification can be the best component of your procurement transformation!

Don’t allow your procurement struggles to continue.  Download the “Executive’s Guide To The SPSM® Certification” now and learn how you can start making incredible improvements to your procurement department sooner rather than later!

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