Advantages of the SPSM® Certification Vs Competition

If you’re comparing the SPSM® certification to other industry certifications such as CPSM, CSCP or MCIPS then you must read the below before making the decision.

SPSM vs CPSM - Advantages of Certification

There are 14 things that you or your procurement team will get from the NLPA’s SPSM® Certification that you won’t get from the competition.

1. A Results-Oriented Learning Experience

2. Answers From Experts, Quickly

3. No Outside Prerequisites

4. An All-Inclusive Procurement Certification Program

5. Lower Cost Procurement Certification Components

6. NLPA Library – Access to Procurement Templates & Resources

7. A Procurement Certification That Is Rigorous to Earn, But Easier & Less Expensive To Maintain

8. A Clear Career/Leadership Development Path With Multiple Levels of Procurement Certification

9. A Body of Knowledge That is Constantly Updated to Reflect Changes In The Profession

10. Stability

11. More Convenient Testing

12. Real-time Monitoring and Tools to Facilitate Team Progress

13. Premium Membership

14. A Fun Learning Experience

Let The NLPA Help You Take You To The Next Level!

If you’ve made it to this point, you can see that the NLPA is serious about being the most valuable certification provider to procurement professionals like you. The advantages of choosing the SPSM® Certification for you and/or your team procurement certification needs are many, ranging from quality of instruction to lower cost to better service.

Thank you for your interest in letting the NLPA help you achieve your procurement certification goals and more!