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15 Rules For Ethical Supplier Interaction1) 15 Rules For Ethical Supplier Interaction

WARNING! Could your interactions with suppliers be unethical without your knowledge?

Whether you interact with suppliers daily, or only occasionally, there are many potential ethical landmines waiting to explode and subsequently ruin your career. You may be aware of a few of these ethically-sensitive situations, but very few people are aware of ALL of the ethical traps that can get honest business people into bad situations.

The good news: all of those ethical traps are no longer a mystery. You can identify those supplier interactions – even the subtle ones – that can cross the line between good and poor ethics. “15 Rules For Ethical Supplier Interaction” gives you in the playbook you need to keep your career and ethics safe.


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Preventing & Managing Backdoor Selling

 2) Preventing & Managing Backdoor Selling

Are supplier salespeople circumventing your procurement processes in order to maximize their profits?

If so, they are doing so at the expense of your organization. As a procurement professional, it is your job to put a stop to that supplier behavior, called “backdoor selling.” Supplier salespeople are often so skilled at backdoor selling that their customers don’t even realize how much money they are losing as a result.

But there’s good news! You have the power to reverse the disturbing growth of backdoor selling. Our online Express Course “Preventing & Managing Backdoor Selling” gives you the best practices you need to match the skills of the most highly successful, manipulative suppliers and, as a result, save your organization quite a lot of money. 


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How To Take Charge of Your Procurement Career

 3) How To Take Charge of Your Procurement Career

Are you taking the necessary steps to attain the procurement positions you desire and the salary you deserve?

A successful procurement career with a maximum salary won’t happen automatically or by accident.  Our online Express Course “How To Take Charge of Your Procurement Career” gives you the defined steps you need to set yourself up for career success, both now and in the future.

This course will give you a road map for future success whether you’re currently employed or looking for a new position.  Learn to:

  . Maximize your salary potential
  . Map out your career plan
  . Optimize your training
  . Seek advice from mentors
And more!


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