NLPA Premium Membership

Gain access to Express Courses, templates & more with a procurement membership


Do you ever find yourself searching for a certain procurement template or step-by-step instructions for a challenging procurement topic or task?

If so, you are not alone. While in the past many procurement professionals may have created requests for proposals, supplier scorecards, internal customer service surveys, and checklists from scratch, the time and resources required to develop those tools yourself – or even scan through search results full of less-than-authoritative links – are simply no longer available luxuries. You simply have too much to do and too little time to accomplish it in.

But there is good news! The NLPA Premium Membership offers you the opportunity to have the procurement resources you need right at your fingertips at the exact moment that you need them. No more searching the internet or spending valuable time creating templates from scratch, with a NLPA Premium Membership, you will have access to:

  • The NLPA Library – a collection of supply management templates & checklists (including Cost Savings Spreadsheet, Supplier RFP Scorecard, Negotiation Checklist, and more), slide decks, archived webinars, transcripts from interviews with industry experts, and much more.
  • All of the NLPA’s online Express Courses currently available and future Express Courses as they are released.

Becoming a Premium Member of the Next Level Purchasing Association is simple and cost-effective. There are two payment options for the NLPA Premium Membership. Those options are:

Annual Payment
(One-time charge, no automatic recurrence
Courses worth $380, for only $199)

Please note that your membership will not automatically renew if you use an alternate form of payment. You will receive reminder notifications when your membership is nearing its expiration and will need to submit the membership fee by your preferred method of payment in order to maintain your premium membership status.

So, don’t waste another day struggling to improve your supply management performance. Become a Premium Member of the Next Level Purchasing Association today.


To download a free copy of the NLPA Premium Membership Guide, please click here.