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  1. International Procurement Strategies

  2. supplier management

    10 Strategies for Improving Supplier Relationship Management SRM

    Supplier Relationship Management is the hallmark of the Modern Procurement Function.  The following are strategies for effective Supplier Relationship Management: Understand and Accommodate Supplier Interest: Understanding…

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  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Expand value on Procurement & Supply Chain

  4. Procurement Transformation

    Procurement Transformation

    The Procurement Function has traditionally been perceived as cumbersome, slow, and a necessary evil for doing business. The demands of the modern customer for products…

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  5. Procurement and Cyber Security

  6. Technologies for Procurement

    Technologies for Procurement 2019

    Modern technologies are poised to upend the Procurement Function as we know it. All aspects of procurement’s three domains, managing spend, protecting organizations from risk,…

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  7. Contract Management

    Eliminating the pain out of Contract Management

  8. Risk Management Plan

    Ways Procurement Can Better Manage Risks

    Managing risks is a critical component of Procurement Management and the Procurement Function. Procurement Professionals are also responsible for ensuring a steady supply of Mission…

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  9. Evaluate Procurement Solutions

    Key factors to consider when evaluating a Procurement Solution

  10. Procurement Risk Management Strategy

    The three pillars of Procurement Risk Management Strategy

    Modern procurement risks are evolving daily, requiring effective risk mitigation strategies. The following are 3 pillars of Procurement Risk Management Strategy: Environmental Context:-All organizations are…

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