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  1. Evaluate Procurement Solutions

    Key factors to consider when evaluating a Procurement Solution

  2. Procurement Risk Management Strategy

    The three pillars of Procurement Risk Management Strategy

    Modern procurement risks are evolving daily, requiring effective risk mitigation strategies. The following are 3 pillars of Procurement Risk Management Strategy: Environmental Context:-All organizations are…

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  3. Procurement as a strategic-advisory

    The Role of Procurement as a Strategic Advisory

  4. procurement & supplier relationships

    Three things that destroy trust B/W Procurement and Suppliers’ relationships

    The hallmark of a strong supply chain is effective collaboration which can only be obtained for a healthy relationship with all key stakeholders. Suppliers provide…

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  5. The Pain Points of a Procurement Manager

  6. course boxes

    SPSM® Certification Program Includes all of the components & bonuses indicated above. Duration of Access: 1 Year Start Date: Access begins as soon as you…

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  7. Top 5 Procurement Trends

  8. Customer Service Feedback

  9. Leveraging Procurement for Fiscal Impact

    Leveraging Procurement for Fiscal Impact

  10. Procurement Best Practice Execution