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  1. Reduce Spend, Risks & Cost

    Strategic Cost Reduction for Supply Chain Success

    Strategic Cost Reduction for Supply Chain Success – Reduce Spend, Risks & Cost The are many avenues to realizing cost reduction, including the traditional areas…

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  2. Best Practices for Procurement Savings

    Best Practices for Procurement Savings

  3. Pros and cons arrows on blackboard

    Is Partial eProcurement Adoption Right for Your Company?

    Pros and Cons of a Piecemeal eProcurement System More and more companies are implementing eProcurement software solutions in order to make their procurement processes more…

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  4. Procurement and Corporate Social Responsibility

  5. Invoice Processing Cost

    What Does Invoice Processing Cost?

    How to Save Your Company Time and Money on Invoices You know about all the major costs of purchasing, but it’s the little costs that…

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  6. Next Generation Procurement Model

    Next Generation Procurement Model

    The Procurement Function currently exists in an environment of ever-increasing technological advancements. Procurement Leaders are tasked with the responsibility of paving the way for transforming…

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  7. Evaluating a Procurement Solution

  8. Procurement Automation

    Making a case for Procurement Automation

    The Procurement Function is a vital part of the Supply Chain Mechanism, which is responsible for the acquisition of mission-critical inputs for the realization of…

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  9. Digital Procurement

  10. manage spend before it starts

    How to Manage Spend before it Starts

    Managing Spend is a critical part of the Procurement Function. Spending in an ad-hoc manner often results in rush orders, overspend, and excessive inventories. Ensuring…

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