How To Use A Negotiation Script

Are You Creating Scripts For Your Big Negotiations?

PurchTips Edition #374

You should go into every supplier negotiation with a script covering key concessions you are seeking. Use a negotiation script to predict supplier objections, then develop responses to convince your supplier to drop those objections.  Here is a sample script for negotiating a lower price with a supplier.  Use it as-is or create your own script based on this example!

Supplier:  “We are offering the best price that we can.”

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You:  “If that’s the case, would you be willing to include a Most Favored Nations clause in the contract, stating that we will always receive the lowest price offered to any of your customers?”

Supplier: “No.  We can’t do that.”

You:  “Well, that tells me that you are offering a lower price to another customer, which means that there’s room for our price to be lowered.  What is the lowest price that you offer to any of your customers?”

Supplier:  “I can’t tell you.  That’s confidential between us and the customer.”

You:  “I understand.  So, instead of telling me their price, simply tell me which of the following ranges it falls into compared to the latest price you offered me:  1-5% less, 6-10% less, 11-15% less, 16-20% less, or more than 20% less.”

Whatever range they answer becomes the target you should aim to match or beat. Challenge any reason that the supplier gives for providing a lower price to another customer.  And continue to push for that Most Favored Nations clause – it can provide you a contractual guarantee that your price will be and remain low!

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By Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3