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Procurement Value Creation WorkbookPVCcover

Procurement has an incredible capability for creating value and can do so in many ways. Unfortunately, many senior executives – and, admittedly, even some procurement professionals – do not understand all of the ways that procurement can create value.

In this workbook, you’ll learn 10 ways that procurement can create value and be challenged to formulate your own ideas on how you can create procurement value for your organization.

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Cover of the Millennials in Procurement whitepaperMillennials in Procurement: Hiring for Potential, Training for Results

It is an exciting time!  A whole new breed of employee – the millennials – are entering the workplace. While millennials may bring many valuable business attributes to their employers, knowledge of and passion for procurement usually aren’t among them.

Explore how a procurement leader can bring millennials onto his or her team and get great procurement results in this whitepaper.

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ptm-whitepaperProcurement Talent Management: Recruiting, Training, & Retaining A Modern & Awesome Buying Team

Very few procurement leaders “luck” into having the ultimate buying team. It is typically something that needs to be nurtured and developed over time.

But the good news is that there are three aspects of procurement talent management that can set you on the path to building that “dream team”. In this whitepaper, we will explore all three of these aspects and give you the guidance necessary to minimize the time and potential mistakes involved in transforming the team you have into the team you want.

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plg-whitepaperThe Procurement Leader’s Guide To A More Successful Team

Are you frustrated with the results of your purchasing department? You’re not alone. Developing a team to deliver measureable results and exceed goals can be challenging. The key is having a plan to identify and act on opportunities for improvement.

Learn the seven steps for transforming your team’s skills and you’ll achieve greater results more easily.

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future-direction-procurement-whitepaperThe Future Direction of Procurement & Supply Chain

The saying goes: “The only constant is change.” Nowhere is that statement truer than in procurement and supply chain management.
Procurement and supply chain are fields that have changed tremendously throughout the years. They are much more multi-faceted disciplines than they were even just a few years ago.

If you’re a procurement or supply chain professional and you haven’t adapted to new ways of carrying out your work, the world is passing you by. But it’s not enough to try to get to where procurement and supply chain are today. You must prepare for the future of these important business functions.

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ptc-whitepaperProcurement Team Certification: 5 Benefits That Procurement Leaders Can’t Afford To Ignore

Are you planning a procurement transformation? Or maybe you’ve already begun one.

You should know that there’s a fatal mistake that dooms many procurement transformations. If you want a successful procurement transformation, then there are five benefits of team certification that you absolutely cannot afford to ignore. If you’re content with dooming your transformation from the start, then don’t read this whitepaper. But if you to ensure that your procurement transformation is successful then this white paper is a must read.

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psp-whitepaperProcurement Skills and Profit: The Correlation

How are the skills of your purchasing department affecting profit?

It’s evident that smart procurement saves money, but how much money? $100,000? A million dollars or more? You’re about to find out.

Discover how identifying and maximizing your staff’s procurement skill levels can lead to a measureable increase in cost savings that you can report to management.

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The Evolution & Future of Procurement & Procurement Skills

evolution-future-procurement-whitepaperAre you prepared for the future of procurement?

The procurement profession has changed dramatically over the past 10-20 years and continues to change constantly. The changes in the profession have required procurement professionals to improve their skill levels and become experts in topics that they hadn’t been involved with before. This white paper features a discussion with Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3- the founder of the world’s largest purchasing association.

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department-tactical-strategic-whitepaperSeparating A Procurement Department Into Tactical & Strategic Teams: Is It Right For Your Organization?

Is your procurement department struggling to accomplish strategic goals?

Separating a procurement department into tactical and strategic teams can allow your organization to focus on long-term goals. Learn if separate strategic and tactical teams is right for you and how to transition into separate teams.

mtiopt-whitepaperMeasuring The Impact Of Procurement Training

Are you struggling to measure the impact of your procurement training investment?

While procurement training is one of those rare investments that provides a return many times over, purchasing leaders often struggle with quantifying the benefit. Learn three methods for determining the return on your purchasing department training investment.

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BPO-WhitepaperSupply & Demand Chain Executive 100: Certifiably The Top Business Process Management Team

Are you considering outsourcing purchasing processes?

Selecting a provider that has a capable staff of purchasers with the skills to deliver the best bottom-line results for your organization is essential.

Learn how having staff members earn the SPSM Certification has enabled Genpact to better support their client’s operations.

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pjd-whitepaperAre Your Purchasing Job Descriptions Outdated? How Changes In The Purchasing Certification Field May Impact Your Talent Management Strategy

Are you looking for top talent in your purchasing department?

In today’s challenging business environment, having updated purchasing job descriptions is more critical than ever.

Discover how many changes in the purchasing certification field over the past several years can cause companies to sabotage their own recruiting efforts.

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The Drive To An Automated World: Is It The End of the Road for Procurement

GEP Procurement Automation WhitepaperThis whitepaper comes from our friends at GEP.

What does the future of procurement automation look like?

The need for automating procurement processes to improve ease and efficiency is fast becoming a pressing need. That could mean doing away with expensive and tedious manual tasks, such as data management or value-based scoring, thereby driving productivity and cost savings.

In this white paper, GEP’s explores the considerations of automating procurement.

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The Five Worst Practices in Procurement: Proven Ways to Limit Career Growth and Success in Procurement

This whitepaper comes from our friends at GEP.

Are you trying to overcompensate for reasonable limitations?

Procurement organizations can be among the most challenging environments in which to make a positive impact on the future of the company. In this whitepaper, GEP  will cover five common career-limiting practices for procurement professionals so that you can avoid making them yourself.

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Procurement in 2025: Five Megatrends & Their Implications

This whitepaper comes from our friends at GEP.

What do you think the future holds for Procurement?

The practice of procurement is on the cusp of a potentially similar significant effect over the next ten years.

In this white paper, GEP explores trends and predictions for the procurement profession to help you navigate the future, map out a plan to exploit key advancements and adjust your strategic plans.

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The Next Frontier in Procurement Transformation

This whitepaper comes from our friends at GEP.

Are you looking to create and sustain long-term procurement success?

In the ever ongoing quest to improve performance and to realize the full strategic potential of procurement.  This whitepaper explores how second-generation procurement transformations allow leading organizations to rethink the way that procurement supports competitive advantage.

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Procurement Analytics 3.0

This whitepaper comes from our friends at GEP.

As procurement evolves, it is faced with the need to make the most informed decisions.  Achieving this goal is only made possible through the use of analytics.

This whitepaper looks at procurement analytics that are crucial for success.

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