Custom Procurement Training Plan

Use this tool to generate a customized training plan


Need to improve your procurement skills or that of your procurement team, but not sure where to start? Use this custom training plan tool to generate a customized procurement training plan to fit your specific needs and budget. Once you are done you'll be able to save a .PDF document that outlines your procurement training plan. Or, you can request a copy of the NLPA Course Catalog to learn more about the training offered by the NLPA.

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please call our expert staff who are waiting to help you! You can reach us at +1 (412) 294-1990 or by email at:

Question 1

Are you interested in creating a custom procurement training plan for yourself or for your procurement team?

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If you are creating a procurement training plan for your team and want all of your team members to take the same courses, please continue through this wizard.

If you want each team member to receive different training – of different groups of team members to receive different training – it is best to work personally with a representative of the NLPA. Please click here to contact us. You are still welcome to continue to use the wizard to create a plan for a team member or a group of team members who will be taking the same courses.

Question 2

Do you have a budget limit for your procurement training? (Don't worry, we don't charge more if you don't!)

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