I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Here Is Your End-of-Negotiation Strategy.”

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You know, I just love to hear salespeoples’ thoughts on negotiating with procurement professionals and sourcing teams. A few conversations I’ve had with salespeople throughout my recent career came to mind when writing this article. They included the following…

  • One executive, who oversaw a salesforce in the hundreds of people, told me that they try to find an executive contact outside of the procurement department as a rule. He claimed that his organization rarely won business without doing so and had never been penalized for doing so. Therefore, it is critical to have all of the decision-making authority placed in your hands prior to your prospective supplier tracking down an executive within your organization.
  • A sales trainer said that the longer a sales process goes on, the less likely salespeople feel that the deal will happen. Therefore, it is critical not to tip your hand to reveal that you’ve selected a supplier and your just negotiating the details. You have to create the perception that the competition is continuing and you are evaluating multiple options. That way, your sales counterpart will feel that its the sales process dragging on and not the negotiation dragging on. The latter will give them a sense of power, especially if they know you have a deadline to get a deal done.

Have you ever learned a sales secret that you’ve used in your negotiation strategy? I – and all of the readers of this blog – would love to hear about it. Post a comment!

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