Welcome to this week’s installment of Whitepaper Wednesday on the Purchasing Certification Blog. In this installment, I’ll be reviewing a whitepaper entitled “The 2009 Purchasing & Supply Management Career & Skills Report” from Next Level Purchasing.

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This whitepaper shares statistics collected from a very recent survey of over 1,900 purchasing and supply management professionals. Topics covered include:

  • Most advanced accomplishments
  • Predictions for the future
  • Ranking of the importance of the various skills
  • The economic impact on purchasing and supply management careers and training
  • The impact of certification on cost savings and salaries

I’ll cover a few of the more salient points here…

The whitepaper summarizes the top 10 predictions for the profession in 2009 and 2010. The top three were:

  1. Higher expectations for cost savings/cost reduction
  2. Increased use of eProcurement
  3. Purchasing job reductions

The whitepaper delivers a very timely snapshot of how the recent economic downturn has affected purchasing and supply management, saying “With employers cutting millions of jobs in North America alone in 2008, unfortunately, the purchasing and supply management profession was not spared. Over 20% of participants indicated that they held a purchasing position that was eliminated in the previous year.”

Among the most interesting statistics involved the return on investment in certification. The whitepaper says “[P]articipants who have earned the SPSM® Certification saved their employers an average of $1,022,046 (US) per person annually compared to $802,020 for those who have not enrolled in the Senior Professional in Supply Management® Program – a difference of $220,026.”

In addition, the whitepaper includes some fascinating purchasing salary statistics: “The survey revealed that those who have earned the SPSM® Certification have an average annual salary that is $14,188 higher than those who have not earned the SPSM® Certification.” Also, the whitepaper compares salaries based on educational tracks, statistically illustrating that it may be more profitable for an individual without a bachelors degree to earn the SPSM® Certification instead of a bachelors degree and more profitable for someone with a bachelors degree to earn the SPSM® Certification instead of a masters degree.

You can get your own copy of the 2009 Purchasing & Supply Management Career & Skills Report by signing up for the FREE Purchasing Resources Program at http://www.NextLevelPurchasing.com/free.html. If you are already a member of the FREE Purchasing Resources Program and want to receive this new report, contact us and we’ll email you a copy.

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