Welcome back to another installment of Whitepaper Wednesday here on the Purchasing Certification Blog. This week, I am going to keep things general (rather than procurement-specific) by reviewing a whitepaper entitled “The Universal Principles of Business Achievement” from IdeaBridge.

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This short whitepaper essentially is just a compilation of two lists: “The Four Key Determinants of Success in Business” and “The Universal Qualities of Successful Business People.” Though each of the four key determinants has several bullets of advice, here are a few of my favorite…

  • Under Determinant #1 – Have A Great Attitude, the whitepaper says “Don’t say, ‘It’s not my job!’ Just jump right in to help. Be the one to get it done!” While I don’t advocate doing everyone’s job for them, I’ve always found it funny is that when you hear someone say “It’s not my job,” the task at hand almost always is part of that person’s job description.
  • Under Determinant #2 – Have A Strong Work Ethic, the whitepaper says “Have a laser-like focus on the critical objectives, the ‘Vital Few’.” I very much agree with this. If you get 75% of all of your tasks done, you have left the most important things incomplete. If you have a dozen things to do, it is usually best if you complete your top priority in its entirety even if that means that your bottom priority didn’t get started.
  • Under Determinant #4 – Stay Out of Trouble, the whitepaper says “Maintain absolute integrity in all that you do. Period.”

In the second list, one bullet point did stick in my craw: “8 hrs/day=paycheck. 10 hrs/day=career. 12-15 hrs/day=Independence!” Yes, if your management sees you come in exactly on time (or a little late) every day and leave exactly on time (or a little early) every day, you are seen as being there just for earning a paycheck and not to make a difference and advance your career and the company. Yes, if you work 10 hours a day, you demonstrate that you are committed to your career and your employer. But 12-15 hours a day is far from independence if you are not the owner of the company unless you consider independence to mean that you are independent from a family, social life, or hobbies. Even if you have a passion for your work or even own the company, I think that everyone needs a balanced life with at least one interest outside of work.

That was my biggest complaint from the second list. I generally agree with the rest and feel particularly passionately about the bullets under “11. Be Teachable and Admit When You Don’t Know” because it lists values that I teach to my kids.

So, if you feel like your career needs some quick inspiration, you may find this whitepaper thought provoking. You can download your own copy from IdeaBridge’s website.

To Your Career,
Charles Dominick, SPSM
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