Technology has reshaped the way businesses operate, expand, and communicate. In our quickly changing world technology can streamline processes. What used to take months to finish now takes only a few weeks or days.

Read on for some of the ways that technology can improve your business:

 Increased efficiency and productivity
In the old days, people used to carry a lot of things to their business trips. Most of these are printed documents and clunky gadgets that just weighed too much – making traveling a very tedious task. Not to mention the dismal amount of data that can be transmitted with the old Yahoo mail and Hotmail.

The information needed to run or expand a business was limited to the amount of information that can fit into those printed documents and the frequency of the business trips. This also costs a lot of money. However, the advent of cloud storage, fiber internet, and more paved the way for businesses to provide faster services than ever before.

Lower marketing cost

Businesses used to rely heavily on print and TV commercials some years ago. The networks and print ad companies dictated the pricing and businesses had to bear this huge cost for ads. With the arrival of LED and LCD screens for digital signage, this made it possible even for businesses to run marketing campaigns that are more efficient, and cheaper.

It is also an eco-friendly option to advertise using flat panel displays as the production of plastic for creating the ads is avoided.

Better Business Challenge Identification

A company used to have a research and development department. Yes a whole department, not just one person or the business owner. Nowadays technology is able to help us better solve the biggest challenges.

Analytics and the Internet of Things are able to help managers and owners identify the gaps in the business process and are able to suggest possible solutions.

Easier to organize and monitor productivity

Teams need one place to communicate, track project progress, start collaborations and manage time. Project management tools and productivity apps give business owners the ability to manage all of these using apps such as Asana, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Easier to consult experts

Technology continues to make life better for business owners by making it possible for them to consult experts online instead of having to fly or drive to meet personally. Consultants are able to offer their expert advice using their own platforms. If a company has a limited budget, they can register for webinars. Webinars cost less as experts talk to many clients at the same time. A one-on-one call allows a more customized consultation though it may cost more.

Better asset safety

Business security used to be simple. Only a burglar alarm, a locked door, and a metal safe are all that’s necessary to protect company assets. The internet has made things easier for owners to manage their business but at the same time, it also made it possible to steal something else other than physical assets – data.  Fortunately, technology has evolved to provide better security to businesses against cyber attacks.

Cost-effective processes

Cloud computing has made it possible to store data without using a computer’s hard drive. The data and programs are instead stored over the internet. This has reduced a business’s dependency on IT personnel as well as hardware which also results in reduced overhead cost.

Automation – from manufacturing to office settings – is another innovation that helps businesses increase profits. The manufacturing industry has been greatly affected by this aspect. Production has evidently increased and the quality consistent. It may be expensive but the long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost.

Technology has shaken up how business is done. With each new business technology that emerges, business owners can leverage it to help run their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively. They just need to set aside time to research and choose the best technology that will help them grow their business.

Mia Clarke

Mia Clarke is part of the tech-content team at The Long Reach. When Mia is not spreading the word about how technology has changed the marketing industry, she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.

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