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The Art of the Leverage : Procurement’s leverage Commodity Teams

Those of us who have been in the procurement profession for a while know that other departments within our organization don’t always hold the purchasing department in the highest esteem, regardless of the quality of work that the Procurement Department has done. It’s not uncommon to learn that the Procurement Department was the topic of a complaining session at the…

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The Future of Procurement Technology

The future of procurement technology is a very interesting topic and requires great reflection by progressive minded supply chain professionals. The mechanisms of technology, networking, metrics, innovation, production, and logistics are poised for critical mass on supply chains. The interaction of these forces is lining up for a monumental shift with seismic value creation capability. According to a report by…

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Are There Shortcuts To Procurement Technology Vendor Selections?

On a recent Next Level Purchasing Association webinar, an attendee asked an interesting question. Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! That question went something like this:  “Identifying and evaluating procurement technology vendors is very time consuming. Are there any resources available to try to shortcut the initial investigation process?” My short answer was “yes and no.”…

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