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The Art of the Leverage : Procurement’s leverage Commodity Teams

Those of us who have been in the procurement profession for a while know that other departments within our organization don’t always hold the purchasing department in the highest esteem, regardless of the quality of work that the Procurement Department has done. It’s not uncommon to learn that the Procurement Department was the topic of a complaining session at the…

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The Benefits of Cashless Procurement Systems

The world is evolving day by day, and supply chains are becoming more complex. The topic of cashless systems has been at center stage for some time now. Cashless procurement systems are now no longer something of a distant future but one of sudden reality. The following are benefits of cashless procurement systems: 1.) Reduction of corruption: These systems eliminate tax…

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Seeking Out the Best Procurement Systems

Since coming on board with the Next Level Purchasing Association, things have been, rather busy…and that is a good thing!  There is nothing like the challenge of a new position you truly enjoy! Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! Now, even though I have tried to walk (make that run wildly) away from my past in…

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