Ambitious and aggressive are certainly words that can be used to a new player in the eProcurement market in the United States.  Founded in 2009 and based out of Galway, Ireland, SourceDogg is an ISO9001 certified provider of eProcurement software solutions aimed typically at small to mid-sized businesses.  Thanks to strong sales and funding from Nucleus VP Group, SourceDogg has been able to increase the size of their team from 20 to 90 in the past two years. 
Alan Phelan - CEO of SourceDogg eProcurement Software CompanyAccording to Alan Phelan, CEO of SourceDogg, in an interview with the Irish Examiner, “Our solution is a cloud-based eSourcing platform which is hosted on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform, which provides us access to data centers in multiple countries and unlimited processing power for our customer.” 
Since SourceDogg is cloud-based and doesn’t require additional hardware, it could be an appealing solution for those organizations who do not want to incur additional IT maintenance and management expenses.  On average, it takes 3 to 4 weeks for implementation of the SourceDogg eProcurement system.
SourceDogg has a live chat feature available at all times which works as an online help function for users having difficulty within the system.  This functionality is available to both buyers and vendors and stands out as a rather useful feature for those with minimal experience within the system.
In addition to possessing a Windows 8 look and feel, SourceDogg has a very clean, easy to follow user interface (UI).  In addition, like other user-conscious eProcurement systems, it has a right sidebar to keep track of where you are at all times while in the e-Request creation process.
Creating an e-Request is very intuitive.  When creating an e-Request you can easily attach files, which is a relatively new feature to the system.  SourceDogg also contains a failsafe approval system which ensures that only e-Requests with a set, indicated level of approval can be published to thus avoid maverick spending.
With SourceDogg it is possible for users to clone any e-Request that has been created, except for one that has been deleted.  A cloned e-Request is then created and set into a draft state.  All data relevant to the prior e-Request is cloned and it is available in just a couple of clicks which makes it extremely handy for e-Requests that need to be created frequently. 
SourceDogg - eProcurement Software Providers
SourceDogg offers a supplier settings profile that integrates with LinkedIn, allowing for particular contacts at supplier to show up in the profile area making it much easier to be aware of your particular supplier’s personnel who work with your account.
When looking to choose a supplier, you can add weighted fields to further evaluate and compare suppliers against your specific criteria and each other. You can then save these weighted questions to a library where you can recall specific questions for other suppliers going forward without having to repopulate the fields manually.
Any supplier can come on board free of charge with SourceDogg, thus reducing the time needed to submit a quote or proposal.  As a buyer, you have the choice to choose from you own approved suppliers or invite a list of registered SourceDogg approved suppliers to participate in your sourcing events within their own private email system.  All global currencies are available based on the location of the particular supplier. 
There is also a supplier tagging feature available where you can add your own tags to suppliers (to narrow searches) or use SourceDogg generated tags as well to specify particular features a supplier offers. Punchout catalogs will be introduced in the next updated release of SourceDogg in November 2014.
There is a Q&A message board available in real-time between buyers and suppliers. The message board shows all suppliers, but not by their actual name that other suppliers can see.  Here, you can also easily monitor a supplier submission status. Due to strong demand from their clients, a recently added feature here is the ability to attach a file in the message board area.
Within SourceDogg you can award supplier contracts as well as decline supplier offers with the ability to indicate why the supplier has not been chosen at the present time.   In this area, there is also the ability to store and manage contracts in an online filing cabinet for future referrals.
Reports available within SourceDogg regarding vendors offer such features as the percentages and numbers of successes and failures indicated by each individual supplier.  Reports are available for export in Excel and PDF formats.
As of this time, there are no mobile apps available for SourceDogg, but the system works with all desktop, mobile and tablet versions of the available major browsers.  Going forward, SourceDogg will be offering reverse auction capabilities within the system starting in Q1 of 2015.
SourceDogg’s largest volumes of customers are presently in the areas of manufacturing, construction hotels and hospitals.  They have recently expanded their business reach into India and are currently looking to expand their reach further into the United States.


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