One of the more popular free educational resources that we offer on our website is our Purchasing & Supply Management Podcast Series. Currently, we have over two dozen podcasts available for your listening pleasure on topics ranging from supply chain technology to office supplies sourcing to writing a purchasing resume and more. I believe that it would take nearly an entire day – not a workday, but a full day – to listen to all of the material without stopping!

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We want to continue to beef up our collection of podcasts and are looking for some guest experts who are willing to share their knowledge with the procurement community. If you are interested, see if you meet these simple criteria:

  • You have a good story to tell. You’ve achieved results either as a procurement professional or you’re a vendor (e.g., consultant, technology provider, etc.) who has helped a procurement department achieve results. These results should not be something that any procurement department can achieve, such as saving $1,000 on an office supplies contract. We’re looking for stories that can impress Fortune 500 procurement leaders and that involved creative approaches that you won’t find in textbooks.
  • You are willing and able to participate. A podcast only takes about 30 minutes to record. Add onto that any practice you want to do on your own to the scripted questions. If that’s too much time to invest – or if you are not sure that your company would want you to be featured as a guest expert – then it may not be for you. However, if you are willing to be featured in the media as a top performer in the field and able to participate, we’d love to have you.
  • You are – or are willing to become – familiar with Next Level Purchasing. Next Level Purchasing is on the cutting edge when it comes to teaching the latest purchasing best practices. So, we don’t want guests who may recommend outdated approaches or approaches that conflict with what we do.

If you fit these criteria, drop me a line at cdominick [at] nextlevelpurchasing [dot] com and tell me what you have done that is worthy of being featured.

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Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3

Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3 is an internationally-recognized business expert, legendary procurement thought leader, award-winning entrepreneur, and provocative blogger. Charles founded the Next Level Purchasing Association in 2000, oversaw its incredible growth, and successfully led the organization to its acquisition by the Certitrek Group in 2016. He continues to blog and provide advisory services for the NLPA on a part-time basis as he incubates his upcoming business innovations. Charles is also the co-author of the wildly popular, groundbreaking book, "The Procurement Game Plan: Winning Strategies & Techniques For Supply Management Professionals."

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