Since coming on board with the Next Level Purchasing Association, things have been, rather busy…and that is a good thing!  There is nothing like the challenge of a new position you truly enjoy!

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Now, even though I have tried to walk (make that run wildly) away from my past in Information Technology, I have come to conclusion that it is impossible to escape.  (cue the violins).

Save money by choosing the correct procurement systemsIn talking with my colleagues at NLPA and communicating with our students and purchasing executives, I noticed a great many of them asking questions about SaaS and cloud-based procurement systems and my opinion on these systems.  Typically, I am not one to shy away from speaking my mind, but I realized rather quickly that I would need to don the IT hat again and dig deep into a wide variety of procurement systems to gain a thorough understanding of the challenges a modern purchasing professional faces every day.

While the horsepower within the system and the nuts and bolts so to speak are extremely important, my overall quest is to find systems that are user-friendly, yet powerful at the same time.  I remember many years ago working for Westinghouse and seeing the terrified looks on individuals faces who were intimidated by the SAP R/3 ERP system that was rolled out at the corporate offices.  An organization can spend millions of dollars on complex systems, but if the user-base is uncomfortable with the navigation, GUI or lack of purchasing training to handle such systems, it can easily turn into the proverbial white elephant.

Several weeks ago, NLPA President and CPO Charles Dominick had the opportunity to test drive the new and the results were extremely positive.  ThomasNet, the legacy publisher of the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, have been successful in transitioning from a bulky book publisher to a streamlined online content delivery superstar for manufacturers across the world.

This is a great example of a success story I hope to find in my quest to seek out the best procurement systems and solutions on the market today.  If your organization offers a great product and would like the Next Level Purchasing Association to offer a detailed review of it, you can contact me directly at 412-262-1334.

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