Ah, the blogging-for-business age is now at its peak.

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Business blogs of every shape and size are popping up as people try to make a few bucks out of this newer medium. Actually, I think that some people think that blogging for business is their ticket to lifelong prosperity.

But just as the dot-com bubble of the late-90’s reached its bursting point with an oversaturation of the market of providers and not enough customer demand and cash, so too will the idea that blogging for business is a surefire path to riches.

Look, with no barriers to entry, it is tough for a blog to stand out anymore. The percentage of blogs that are just plain bad is growing. I think that people will eventually associate the blog medium with poor quality writing that isn’t worth one’s time to read.

So before the blog phase dies and leaves only the blogs truly worthy of visiting (which will likely be called something other than blogs to shed the stigma), I thought I’d do a little summary of the better purchasing blogs out there. Here are my favorites from oldest to newest…

Spend Matters: Author, Jason Busch. First post November 30, 2004 – This is probably my favorite purchasing blog out there. Though I don’t believe that Jason has any direct experience as a purchasing practitioner, he truly has a good feel for several key business aspects that really do weigh on the mind of a more senior purchasing professional. He dedicates many of his posts to the software sector and global economics and seems to pride himself on reporting breaking news. Spend Matters is definitely a great resource for keeping one’s finger on the pulse of critical and emerging purchasing issues, without having to wait for print publications in this on-demand world.

Charles’ Purchasing Certification Blog: Author, Charles Dominick, SPSM. First post, March 10, 2005. I’m not going to kid myself – I don’t see blogging as a way to make much money, at least not directly. So why do I do it? Most of my “writing” time is spent on the purchasing articles that I publish in Next Level Purchasing’s email newsletter, PurchTips. Over the years, I have found that PurchTips subscribers prefer articles on certain topics and prefer a certain length. So I try to deliver. If I don’t, they unsubscribe. So I place high standards on those articles. But, sometimes, I also see purchasing professionals in need of insights on topics that may not appeal to the masses. And those insights may be longer, shorter, and more biased than those I include in PurchTips. So this is my forum. My blog is a hobby, but one that also allows me to connect with purchasing professionals who may need some help. It’s all about having a little fun with no rules. And if purchasing professionals can benefit, all the better!

Purchase Realm: Author, Matthew Grant. First post, February 15, 2006. Matthew’s blog is part of Know More Media – an organization whose mission is apparently to make a ton of money off of blogging. Matthew’s posts can range from educational to funny and his writing is a pleasure to read. He seems to be targeting the more tactical buyer and I commend him for this. There are a lot of tactical buyers out there and they are often ignored in the marketplace. He also likes to comment on bad vendor service in a way that is not only fun to read, but should compel vendors to take notes and ensure that they don’t make the same blunders.

Supply Excellence: Author, Tim Minahan. First post, April 30, 2006. OK, I gotta admit – when I heard that a spend management software exec was gonna start blogging, especially this late in the game, I thought “Yeah, this will be good. Suuure.” But you know what? Supply Excellence is indeed pretty good. Tim has posted several truly educational blurbs and has included some quotes from leaders in the field. Like Spend Matters, it targets more of the executive-level purchasing professionals.

Sourcing Innovation: Author, Michael Lamoureaux. First post, June 9, 2006. I just discovered this blog, so I don’t have a whole lot to say about it quite yet. This blog, though new, seems to be the most dedicated to structured, educational material. There is lots of great content here. This is one that I’ll be watching closely as it grows.

Here are some other purchasing-related blogs that you might wanna check out…

eSourcing Forum: Author, David Bush. First post, August 30, 2005.

TechSpend.com Blog: Author, Vinnie Merchandani. First post, February 10, 2006.

Procurement Central: Author, Dave Stephens. First post, February 18, 2006.

Vendor Management: Author, Doug Hudgeon. First post, February 19, 2006.

Hmmm…lots of purchasing blogs were started in mid-February 2006. Did a memo go out or something?

So let’s sit back and see how this blogging-for-business thing shakes out. Hopefully, we’ll learn a few things while its hot.

Charles Dominick, SPSM
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