Procurement Departments are created for the understanding and translation of customer needs and requirements to the selection of capable suppliers, to realize the cost-effective acquisition, receipt, and payment of vital inputs and raw materials. Factors impacting the Total Cost of Ownership such as quality, efficiencies, delays, stock-outs, obsolescence and carrying cost are heavily emphasized in the procurement discipline.

Procurement Personnel must master 3 critical functions:

1. Management of Spend
2. Supporting of Operations
3. Protection of the organization from Risk and Supply Disruption such as the likes of COVID-19
The Next Level Purchasing Body of Knowledge underpins, integrates and enhances the essential components of The Procurement Process in simple how to do steps. This cutting-edge BOK is designed by practitioners for practitioners.

Procurement Staff must effectively execute the following Process:

  • Identifying Customer Requirements (Big Picture)
  • Translating the Customer Requirements conduct the next step (Big Picture)
  • Determining a need (Tactical)
  • Communicating the need (Tactical)
  • Reviewing the need (Tactical)
  • Finding potential suppliers (Tactical)
  • Conducting bidding and/or negotiation (Tactical)
  • Selecting a supplier (Tactical)
  • Formalizing the commitment (Tactical)
  • Following up (Tactical)
  • Closing out the transaction (Tactical)

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David Millington

David Millington M.Sc.QSM, NPDP, CL6σBB, SPP, SPSM3®, CM® Director of Education (Next Level Purchasing Association) A Certified Strategic Planning Professional, David Millington brings over 18+ years experience in the Strategy Execution, Product / Service Development, Organizational and Supply Chain Excellence Arenas. He is a Certified Supply Chain Professional, Certified New Product Development Professional, Certified Strategic Planning Professional, and a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. David holds a master’s degree in Quality Systems Management, from The National Graduate School of Quality Management, Falmouth MA, USA. This equips him with mastery of vast bodies of knowledge and best practices. David Millington brings hands-on experience at VP, Director, and Manager Levels, guiding and facilitating the development of strategic and tactical solutions to intricate organizational, product, and service challenges.

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