eProcurement software provider Perfect Commerce utilizes the tag line, make the purchasing process simpler and cheaper in describing their service offerings.  Recently, I had the opportunity to view a demo of the Perfect Commerce system and found it to live up to the description of being simple to use.

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Up front, Perfect Commerce lets you know that their system is very mobile friendly.  Upon entering the Perfect Commerce system, you have the ability to go immediately to the iTunes store or the Google Play store to download the appropriate app (Apple or Android) for your mobile device.

Once you log into Perfect Commerce, the first screen you see is called the Procurement Workbench.  Here, you are able to purchase products, obtain quotes, and receive items.  The user interface (UI) is very clean and easy for the casual user to follow.perfect-commerce-procurement-workbench

Graphically, the Procurement Workbench offers a pie chart that allows you to look at specific items that have been approved, waiting for approval, etc.  If you click on an area of the pie chart, you can drill down and view specific line items.

Perfect Commerce offers punch-out catalog capabilities as well as the ability to search multiple catalogs and perform side-by-side comparisons of particular items across multiple supplier catalogs.  The punch-out capabilities built into Perfect Commerce also allow for changes without going out to the specific supplier portal.

Where Perfect Commerce really shines though is its Open Supplier Network.  They claim it is the world’s largest supplier network with 1.3 million users in over 100 countries along with 500,000 suppliers.  The suppliers are more or less able to come aboard the Open Supplier Network by invitation only from a user or Perfect Commerce themselves.  Currently, the Open Supplier Network boasts 650 million catalog SKUs and an annual network spend of $24 billion.

Perfect Commerce employs a supplier services team dedicated to working with supplier catalogs alone allowing this massive network to run smoothly.  The supplier services team work on tasks such as improving catalog descriptions and taking better photographs of items cataloged to allow buyers to make better informed decisions.

Perfect Commerce also gives buyers the opportunity to test out suppliers outside of the Open Supplier Network.  This allows the buyer to add a supplier to email NOT in the system right at this point.  The supplier receives a one-time link and they don’t have to be used again if they fail to meet expectations.

Perfect Commerce offers a feature for purchasing items for new employers utilizing “Kits and Bundles” (for example, a welder’s equipment kit).  Instead of picking out individual items for a new hire, you can just click on an icon and add the whole bundle to your cart for approval.  In addition, when a new hire kit is ordered, an email is sent out to the Information Technology department to set up a new user account.

Another feature highlighted during our Perfect Commerce demo was the ability to allow or restrict certain buyers for purchases of certain products.  Indicator logos for such items as chemicals and hazardous materials are shown next to these products and if a buyer, or even an approver, doesn’t have the correct permissions they are unable to purchase that item.

Suppliers that are green-friendly, diversity-indicated, etc. have special logos next to their products with respect to their particular status.  In addition, buyers are able to make sure particular suppliers have the required certifications to offer particular products.  Thus, if your company requires a unique certification and the company does not have the certification, they are flagged by the system.

Another feature offered in the catalog area that caught my eye would be what I immediately saw as advantageous to suppliers is in regards to upselling capabilities as well as reminding buyers of additional accessories they may be forgetting.  For instance, if you are looking for a particular printer, the Perfect Commerce catalog page also shows the exact ink and cabling that is typically needed for this printer.

There are a wide variety of services offerings within the Perfect Commerce system.  For example, you can request a quote for legal services.  You can even add basic or specific information as to legal services you need, allowing legal firms to bid on your request.

Like other eProcurement systems, Perfect Commerce offers a visual flow chart of approvals.  While multiple approval requests will appear, the approver only needs to approve a requisition at one level one time.  These approval requests either appear in an email or the mobile app.

Perfect Commerce offers a wide array of training services for buyers.  Options offered include onsite training, train the trainer, interactive videos and a comprehensive online help system.  In addition, Perfect Commerce creates custom video training instructions for specific customers with respect to their needs and policies.  This offering jumps out as a huge advantage Perfect Commerce offers with respect to their competitors.

Visit Perfect Commerce for more information or to schedule an eProcurement system demo.