Service Industry Purchasing: Does ANYONE Provide Training?

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with an individual who was interested in pursuing her SPSM Certification. But she had reservations. She worked in a service industry. And, in her experience, no purchasing training related to the services industries – just manufacturing. Her belief that purchasing training is all geared towards manufacturing industries is really not an uncommon one. Unfortunately,…

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Purchasing Jobs

Earlier this month, we posted a purchasing jobs page on our Web site. Because of other priorities, we haven’t devoted much time to soliciting job posts yet, but we’ve already had people who prefer candidates with the SPSM Certification ask us to post their jobs. Two very rewarding things to see are: 1. Prestigious employers enrolling their purchasers in the…

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Ethics In Negotiation

I am concerned that the latest resource, entitled “Negotiation, Ethics, & You” might be controversial. Ethical issues usually are. You see, with laws, there are usually specific and clear boundaries. These boundaries are codified. With ethics, the boundaries are not as clear. Ethics in negotiation can be largely a matter of opinion. Though I know this can be a controversial…

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Want To Learn How To Negotiate?

Whew…We have just put the finishing touches on a new class. We’ve been working on it for months and now it is ready. And even though we spent months putting it together, it really draws from about a decade of notes, experiences, lessons learned, triumphs, mistakes, and so on. If you want to learn how to negotiate or how to…

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How Can Purchasing Certification Help You In Your Career?

People often ask me: “How will earning a purchasing certification help me in my career?” Having been a purchasing manager who was responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring many purchasing professionals, the answer is so obvious. You see, hiring managers often find the recruiting process to be difficult. Usually, there are many qualified candidates who apply for the scarce purchasing…

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Sales Calls

This post relates to FREE Purchasing Resource #71 entitled “What Salespeople Learn To Say To You.” Like everyone else who has ever held a purchasing position, I experience varying degrees of annoyance at getting requests for meetings without a compelling reason. I find Jill’s approach quite interesting. Here are a few of my thoughts… 1. I like Jill’s suggestion about…

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Recognition & Value: A Paradox?

I occasionally receive email from people who say that they don’t know anyone who has ever heard of the SPSM Certification and question its value. Of course, I always reply by referencing the prestigious companies from throughout the world who have enrolled their purchasing professionals in the SPSM Certification Program. But today, I also thought about an interesting paradox with…

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Just Starting Out

Hi everyone! If you want up-to-date views on the latest happenings in purchasing and supply management or want to share your own thoughts, this is the place! Stay tuned for updates.