Sales Calls

This post relates to FREE Purchasing Resource #71 entitled “What Salespeople Learn To Say To You.” Like everyone else who has ever held a purchasing position, I experience varying degrees of annoyance at getting requests for meetings without a compelling reason. I find Jill’s approach quite interesting. Here are a few of my thoughts… 1. I like Jill’s suggestion about…

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Recognition & Value: A Paradox?

I occasionally receive email from people who say that they don’t know anyone who has ever heard of the SPSM Certification and question its value. Of course, I always reply by referencing the prestigious companies from throughout the world who have enrolled their purchasing professionals in the SPSM Certification Program. But today, I also thought about an interesting paradox with…

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Just Starting Out

Hi everyone! If you want up-to-date views on the latest happenings in purchasing and supply management or want to share your own thoughts, this is the place! Stay tuned for updates.