Getting Certified: Purchasing Managers Want To Know How Long It Will Take

On the Web page describing the Senior Professional in Supply Management (SPSM) Certification, we list a table showing the length of time it will take a purchasing manager to become certified based on the amount of time s/he is able to dedicate to study. I felt that it would be helpful to share some statistics regarding the length of time…

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Another blog to check out…

I found another pretty interesting blog in our field – Spend Matters. Check it out for the author’s thoughts on current topics like sourcing, supply chain technology, and international trade. Good stuff. Respectfully,Charles Dominick, C.P.M., SPSMPresidentNext Level Purchasing, Inc.


I hope that you enjoyed the article “6 Ways Purchasers Get More Respect.” While maximizing the respect you get can take months or even years, I really believe that these tips can help you get incrementally increasing respect right away. And we all love instant gratification, don’t we? What do you think? Do you have any other tips you’d like…

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My Purchasing Credentials

Many individuals who are interested in Next Level Purchasing’s purchasing courses ask me what my credentials are. Some ask it in a way like “What makes you think YOU are qualified to teach ME?” So, I thought that I’d post a little bio of myself here… I am the president of Next Level Purchasing, Inc., based outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.…

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Purchasing Certification & Government Approval

I get a lot of questions about whether the SPSM Certification is “authorized” or “recognized” or “accredited” by government bodies. I thought that I would answer that type of question here. I cannot say how all governments operate with regard to professional business certifications. But I do know how the US government, and other similar governments, handle them. Quite simply,…

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The Outsourcing of Purchasing

If you’ve read “Will This Purchasing Trend Take Your Job” and are worried, let me help. The thing to remember is that outsourcing any function is a way of spending money to save money. Getting a return on an investment with an outsourced supplier. Third party procurement providers sell themselves based on return on investment. “You spend $1 million with…

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Evaluation of Supplier Size

I am working on a new article for the FREE Purchasing Resources Program on evaluating supplier size. There are problems when you select a supplier that is too big. There are different problems when you select a supplier that is too small. While I have more than enough material for this article, I thought that other purchasing professionals could benefit…

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Purchasing Job Update

If you were one of the first people to get the last purchasing resource, you may have visited our purchasing jobs page before we added a few new job postings. If you haven’t checked our jobs in purchasing page since Tuesday, be sure to visit now to see the latest postings.

Blogs & Purchasing

I’d like to give a warm welcome to all of the new fans of this blog who discovered it via the RSS Lesson. Thanks for checking this out!

Purchaser’s Lesson In RSS

If you’re here because the resource entitled “Purchaser’s Lesson In RSS Technology” sent you to look for links, look over to the right side of the screen and scroll down for the Links section. If you’re here to share comments, welcome! I am very interested in what you have to say. The comments link is below this post. Do you…

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