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Yesterday, I posted that one of my pet peeves with certain suppliers is when they try to sell you what they want to sell instead of what you want to buy ( I gave an example of a situation from over 10 years ago when a procurement technology provider tried hard to sell my employer a spend analysis solution instead of just focusing on the eProcurement system we wanted to buy.

I promised another more recent example today. And here it is!

Next Level Purchasing recently awarded a contract for the redesign of our website and that project is now in process with the new design to be unveiled this Fall. During the bidding and negotiation process, one of the prospective suppliers tried hard to get us to commit to a package deal involving outsourced marketing services (e.g., creating brochures, presentation slides, etc.) on a long-term basis.

Everything about this supplier’s communication made it clear that they really wanted to sell the long-term marketing services instead of just website redesign – from their proposed contract template to the topics they wanted to talk about during our conversations to even the subject lines of their emails. They were looking past what we wanted and that was, quite frankly, a red flag for us.

We ended up going with another supplier and the aforementioned behavior of losing bidder was one of the big reasons.

How do you feel when suppliers try harder to sell you something you are not even sourcing for instead of focusing on what you are sourcing for? How often does this happen to you? Is this a pet peeve of yours too, or just mine?
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Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3

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