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In the article, I shared one variable involved in creating the perfect negotiation first impression with your supplier.  In this post, I will share another variable.

This second variable is the degree of firmness of the grip of your handshake.  When you finally do arrive at the location where you will meet the supplier, the first contact you have with the supplier is crucial towards gaining that psychological edge that will enable you to be more persuasive.  In many cultures, a first meeting begins almost immediately with a handshake.  Whether we as humans realize it or not, our brains evaluate every handshake.  That physical contact has an intimacy about it and we can’t help but really notice the impression that it leaves. 

A weak handshake gives the perception that you are a weak individual.  There is something about that lack of a squeeze that communicates that you lack the conviction that characterizes the most successful business people. 

On the other hand – no pun intended – a strong handshake communicates that you have a strong personality not unlike influential business leaders.  Seasoned negotiators know the power of the firm handshake and, by using a firm handshake, you are at the very least communicating that you know how negotiations work.  I’m not saying to crush your supplier’s finger bones with your grip, but I am saying that you should squeeze with an equivalent amount of force that you’d use if you were trying to hang on to a slippery piece of fruit or something of a similar size.

I covered 18 more variables in the webinar, “20 Ways To Create The Perfect Negotiation First Impression.”  An archived copy of that webinar can be accessed by Premium Members of the Next Level Purchasing Association.  To learn about Premium Membership or to sign up, please visit http://nextlevelpurchasing.com/procurement-membership.php.

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