Welcome to the third and final installment in our series that unapologetically lambastes buyers for making lame excuses for not having a procurement certification.

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In Part I, I discussed how claims of not having time don’t hold up under scrutiny.  In Part II, I shared how to overcome the “I don’t have the money” excuse.

Today, I’ll tear a new earhole into the excuse I hate most:  “I don’t do well on tests.”

Some people are legitimately scared of exams. I’ve even known a friend who was a PhD who didn’t want to become certified because there was an exam.

I advocate for procurement all the time. I’ve dedicated my career to raising the stature of procurement as a profession. To get procurement recognized and respected in the C-suite.

So, when I hear procurement people act reluctantly about becoming certified because of one stinkin’ exam, I can’t help but wish they would get out of procurement and become baggers at the local grocery store.

We are “tested” in procurement daily. Tested to get goods and services delivered on time to support our organization’s challenging schedules. Tested to prove to financial executives that we’ve saved the amount of money we’ve claimed to save. Tested to keep demanding internal customers happy.

So, anyone who is too scared to sit in front of a computer screen and answer questions for 90 minutes probably isn’t cut out for the challenges of procurement.  Procurement is not a place for sissies.

And, let’s think about the worst thing that can happen: if you failed the exam, you’d have to pay a mere $75 to retake the SPSM Exam. You can retake it immediately or take your time to do more studying.

There’s no shame if you do fail your first attempt or attempts. It’s not publicized. And people fail all the time and come back and pass. It’s OK to take the exam more than once. It doesn’t diminish your stature once you do pass and become certified.

This discussion reminds me of one of my favorite inspirational phrases: “The only real failure is the failure to try.”

Plus, think about the opposite result. What if you pass on your first attempt? You’re done! Even if you choose to recertify as an SPSM for your entire career, it will be the only test you’ll have to take. And you passed it! Isn’t that glorious?

But I don’t believe that anyone that has made it through this entire series is an excuse maker. You’re still here because you have ambition. You’re still here because you’re investing your time in making a difference: for yourself and for your employer. You’re still here because you are ready to take your next step.

So, let me direct you to your next step – signing up for the SPSM Certification Program.  Do that here -> https://www.nextlevelpurchasing.com/registration-certification.php

Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3

Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2, SPSM3 is an internationally-recognized business expert, legendary procurement thought leader, award-winning entrepreneur, and provocative blogger. Charles founded the Next Level Purchasing Association in 2000, oversaw its incredible growth, and successfully led the organization to its acquisition by the Certitrek Group in 2016. He continues to blog and provide advisory services for the NLPA on a part-time basis as he incubates his upcoming business innovations. Charles is also the co-author of the wildly popular, groundbreaking book, "The Procurement Game Plan: Winning Strategies & Techniques For Supply Management Professionals."

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