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Deploying Risk, Resilience, and Supply Sustainability Management

Next Level Purchasing Association’s definition of Risk, Resilience, and Supply Sustainability Management is: “A reliable, efficient, cost-effective, collaborative, responsive, agile, risk mitigated, and socially responsible methodology for the procurement of mission-critical inputs that create innovative value to meet customer and organizational requirements with the least possible impact on the environment”. Source: Next Level Purchasing Association, 2020 The Criteria of Risk,…

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Achieving Supply Sustainability through Effective Metrics

  Every Procurement Department should have a strategy to ensure a stable and sustainable supply of raw materials and mission-critical inputs. Procurement Functions are mandated to ensure cost-effective, continuous support of operational | strategic objectives. Procurement is also responsible for implementing robust risk management mechanisms to realize supply sustainability. A supply sustainability strategy is the game plan or action of…

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3 Pillars and benefits of Sustainability

Sustainability is the capability to continuously conduct certain activities indefinitely. The study of sustainability is evolving and is often viewed in three dimensions known as the Three Pillars of Sustainability. Environmental Sustainability is: The capability of the globe to sustain levels of pollution, nonrenewable resource depletion, and renewable harvesting proceeding on an indefinite continuum. These environmental sustainability parameters are: Nonrenewable…

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