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Coronavirus COVID-19 – NLPA’s S.F.I.A.R(T) Model™

The Coronavirus Pandemic is delivering an unprecedented challenge to the economic, emergency response, crisis management, and healthcare capacity of the global community. Much has been written about safety measures to curb the spread of the outbreak. Many nations are deploying various response mechanisms, National Guard deployment, school closures and nationwide state of emergencies are being implemented, enforced, and normalized. The…

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Vendor Risk Management

  The last decade has yielded many events, forces, and elements in which a greater concern and scrutiny of the concept of Vendor or Supplier Risk Management has risen. At the forefront are driven for Cost Reduction, Top Line Growth, and Competitive Advantage. Supplier Risk Management Processes are underpinned by: Identification of Potential Risks emanating from the interaction of buying…

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Good…Or Cheap?

Here at the Next Level Purchasing Association, we consider ourselves pretty good at explaining the most advanced topics in procurement today. Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! But we also recognize the importance of not ignoring the fundamentals.  Often times, people take an over-complicated view of procurement and that gets in the way of making the…

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Cyber Security and Selecting a Provider

Special thanks to Source One Management Services for this guest post Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! In today’s world of seemingly constant data breaches, cyber security has become a major topic of discussion in the media with new revelations of hacks occurring daily, but also a critical concern for organizations everywhere. While all businesses work…

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