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Will The “Inclusion Rider” Become A Common Procurement Thing?

After winning the Oscar award for best actress earlier this month, Frances McDormand ended her acceptance speech by saying “I have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen: inclusion rider.” This set off a frenzy of Google searches to find out exactly what an “inclusion rider” is.  As NPR put it, an inclusion rider is “a stipulation that…

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Will Procurement Be a Part of Veterans’ Day 2018 Marketing?

More than ever, companies are building marketing campaigns around Veterans’ Day.  It’s become a pretty strategic component of their overall business growth initiatives.  In fact, Veterans’ Day marketing has seemed to be the promotional theme for the month so far (until the end of this week, when Black Friday arrives). For examples of veteran-friendly marketing, the Sheetz chain of gas…

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Spend Matters Covers NLPA’s New Supplier Diversity Course

I recently had the chance to chat with Spend Matters’ Thomas Kase about the Next Level Purchasing Association’s new online course, “Strategic Supplier Diversity Best Practices.” Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! There are many opinions on supplier diversity.  Some people consider it an almost worthless pursuit.  Others regard it as the best thing about procurement. …

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Supplier Diversity: Underrated As A Way For Procurement To Be Viewed As Strategic?

Last night as I was watching a few minutes of TV, I was shocked at what I had just seen cross my screen. It was one of those moments where you just blink your eyes a few times and wonder if you really saw what you think you just saw. Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here!…

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What’s The Next Frontier In Supplier Diversity?

Yesterday, I blogged about the premise of determining supplier diversity status on employment base rather than ownership base. I also linked to a 2008 post of mine describing how UPS implemented LGTB-owned businesses as a new category of diverse suppliers. Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! One thing that I wanted to bring up separately is…

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Did The Procurement Profession Get Supplier Diversity All Wrong From The Get-Go?

I can’t help it. I am always thinking outside of the proverbial box and challenging the way things are. Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! Such was the case this weekend when I started thinking about supplier diversity. And wondering if the procurement profession has gotten it wrong for all of these years. Let me take…

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