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Tactical vs Strategic Procurement Splits: Another Alternative?

Although we’ve already written much on dividing procurement departments into tactical and strategic teams, it is worth discussing other potential ways to slice the procurement activity pie. Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! In most procurement departments that are split into tactical and strategic teams, the tactical work includes order placement, expediting, and resolving day-to-day issues.…

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Your Company’s Engineers Think They Are Great Dealmakers, But Are Just Pawns

If you missed last week’s Next Level Purchasing Association (NLPA) webinar, you missed some great tips from Dr. Soheila Lunney on how to keep suppliers from conducting “backdoor selling” as a way of inflating their profits at your organization’s expense. One of the key points covered was how sellers are trained to avoid dealing directly with procurement departments. Don’t miss…

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You Do Have A Late-Stage Negotiation Strategy, Don’t You?

I hope that you have enjoyed the article “Here Is Your End-of-Negotiation Strategy.” Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! You know, I just love to hear salespeoples’ thoughts on negotiating with procurement professionals and sourcing teams. A few conversations I’ve had with salespeople throughout my recent career came to mind when writing this article. They included…

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Why Your Suppliers Don’t Want You To Think It Over

Long time readers of my blog know that I love to study sales strategies and determine how procurement professionals should deal with them. So, when I received the below-linked sales training video clip in my very overloaded inbox today, I couldn’t save it for later. I had to watch it right away! Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain,…

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