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Supply Chain Social Responsibility Is Finally Within Reach

Are you aware of the risks of not having a socially responsible supply chain? Unless you are managing your supply chain in the most socially responsible way, you are risking getting your organization into more trouble than ever. Getting bad publicity, losing customers, and being subject to criminal consequences are just a few of the risks that your organization can…

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Sourcing Innovation Reviews Procurement KPI Course Series

In one of the more comprehensive reviews ever published about procurement training, Sourcing Innovation (SI) – one of the leading procurement-related sites for going on a decade – recently published a multi-part review of the “Procurement KPI’s & Business Acumen” online course series from the Next Level Purchasing Association.  In the review, SI editor Dr. Michael Lamoureux wrote: Don’t miss…

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Comparing Online Procurement Training Providers, Part II: Cost Per Hour

I’m back for Part II of this series designed to help procurement leaders identify the critical differences between online procurement training providers.  In Part I, I covered how to evaluate the differences in quality between online procurement training providers.  In this Part II, I will cover the concept of “cost per hour” as it relates to online procurement training. Don’t…

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