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The Worst Business Combination: Stupidity & Low Self-Awareness

Back in January, I blogged about “the possibility of the U.S. economy overheating in 2018.” Well, the economy has definitely been hot this year.  Has it “overheated?”  I’m not sure where the actual boil-over point is, but there’s no doubt that businesses – likely including many of your suppliers – have been struggling to find adequate talent for their teams.…

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How Loud Should You Blast Your Procurement Achievements?

There’s a phrase that bothers me:  “Toot your/his/her own horn.” When most people use this phrase, it often has negative connotations.  A typical use in context would be “He’s such an annoying braggart.  All he does is toot his own horn.” But, in an under-respected field such as procurement, tooting your own horn is a good thing.  My feeling is…

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Why July 5 Reminds Me of Procurement

July 5.  The day after Independence Day in the USA. What the h*ck does such a day have to do with procurement? Well, let me walk you through what I’ve observed in the last 24 hours. On Independence Day – better known as “the Fourth of July” – many of us set off fireworks on our curbs at night.  We…

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What The Recently-Ended Strike Really Means For Verizon Business Customers

Special thanks to Source One Management Services for this guest post Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! The Verizon Business strike that started on April 13, 2016 may now be over.  But that does not make it old news for Verizon customers. The strike has caused many problems for all people involved including Verizon’s current and…

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Prospective Suppliers: Why Do You Think What You Think About Them?

When considering doing business with a prospective supplier, many times those of us with procurement decision-making authority have certain impressions of that supplier. Don’t miss updates on Procurement & Supply Chain, Subscribe here! Maybe we think they’re big. Maybe we think they’re good. Maybe we think they’re expensive. There are almost an infinite number of adjectives to describe how we…

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