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Extreme Vetting for Procurement Jobs?

Though procurement departments are way more respected than they were 20-30 years ago, there is still work to do.  There are still some procurement departments that have vestiges of years past:  seats filled by procurement people and not procurement professionals. I am occasionally reminded of this when I have an encounter with a procurement person who clearly doesn’t know how…

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Procurement Manager Jobs: Who Is The Best Candidate?

“Who are the best candidates for procurement manager jobs?” That’s a question that is on the mind of every supply chain director seeking to fill an open procurement manager position. Is there an obvious answer? Well, there is a common answer:  procurement specialists. But that isn’t the only good answer.  And may not be the best answer. There is more than…

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When the CEO Questions Your Procurement Qualifications, Will You Respond With Confidence or Shrivel Like a Raisin?

I recently had a lengthy email conversation with a certified SPSM, who first earned that most prestigious of procurement qualifications several years ago.  He had benefitted from the SPSM Certification in a number of ways, but there was one instance where the benefit felt rather dramatic. This individual is a procurement leader for one business unit in a conglomerate of business units.  So, when…

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