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Are your Procurement Operations Dashboarded?

Establishing a Procurement Dashboard is an excellent tool for reporting procurement performance. A Purchasing Dashboard is a single-page document that contains four charts that illustrate the performance of a procurement department. The Procurement Dashboard is designed to present procurement performance data to executive management “at a glance.” NLPA has designed the following Procurement Function Dashboard to assist practitioners in designing…

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Role of the Procurement Function

Procurement Departments are created for the understanding and translation of customer needs and requirements to the selection of capable suppliers, to realize the cost-effective acquisition, receipt, and payment of vital inputs and raw materials. Factors impacting the Total Cost of Ownership such as quality, efficiencies, delays, stock-outs, obsolescence and carrying cost are heavily emphasized in the procurement discipline. Procurement Personnel must master 3 critical…

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Why 2015 Could Be The Year for Marketing and Procurement Team-Ups – Part II

Let’s face it: Marketing and Procurement teams don’t always see eye-to-eye. Both teams have a different set of goals and measure success using different KPIs. But does this have to be the case? Last month, we took a look at a few indicators that suggest the divide may not be as wide as it once was – with a few…

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