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How do you Plan to Buy in the New Normal?

Supply Chain Disruptions, Global Pandemic, Mass Layoffs, Economic Downturn, and a New Normal perspective for Supply Chain Operations. An Annual Procurement Plan is critical to efficiently and effectively manage and conduct the essential elements of today’s Procurement Mandates. In this article, we will outline the Framework for a Top-Class Annual Procurement Plan. In later segments of this work, we will…

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How To Be A “Leader’s Pet”

In grade school, I was a “teacher’s pet.” I was smart.  I was polite.  I always raised my hand first to answer their questions.  I picked up stuff when they dropped it. In short, I did a lot of things “right” to earn their admiration.  And this admiration turned into tangible rewards, too. Of course, we only have classroom teachers…

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How Long Until A Procurement Sexual Harassment Claim Makes The News?

There has been a seeming unprecedented number of news stories in the past month dealing with sexual harassment, misconduct and/or assault.  It’s quite disturbing. The accused represent a wide swath of society: Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein Immensely successful comedian, Louis C.K. Small town fire chief, Aaron Powell Former U.S. president, George H.W. Bush Countless others of virtually every stripe Though…

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How To “Be Presidential” In Procurement

Certain professionals are expected to adhere to higher standards for behavior:  doctors, accountants, and country presidents are a few that come to mind.  Procurement professionals should also “be presidential” in their behavior. Over the past year, there has been a lot of conversation and debate about what presidential behavior is.  I’ll home in on what it means to be presidential…

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