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Difference Between The PPI & The CPI

A common question I get from individuals who take the NLPA’s online procurement courses is “What is the difference between the PPI & the CPI?” Both the Producer Price Index (PPI) and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) are US government-published indices that measure the changes in pricing over time for various categories of goods and services. Generally, the PPI represents…

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What The Fed’s Interest Rate Decision Does (Or Doesn’t) Mean For Corporate Procurement

On September 17, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank announced that it would not increase the benchmark interest rate that was being so closely watched by professional and amateur economist alike. Generally, the Fed will raise this rate when the economy is showing signs of overheating, as evidenced by high inflation among other things.  When it does raise the rate, inflation…

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Is What’s Good For Procurement Bad For The Economy?

Yesterday, the stock market took an ugly hit. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by the biggest amount since the financial meltdown three years ago. This drop followed smaller drops in prior days that were at least partially influenced by lower-than-previous-month numbers in ISM’s economic indexes. Earlier this week, the Next Level Purchasing Association released our August edition of Leading-Edge…

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