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10 Strategies for Improving Supplier Relationship Management SRM

Supplier Relationship Management is the hallmark of the Modern Procurement Function.  The following are strategies for effective Supplier Relationship Management: Understand and Accommodate Supplier Interest: Understanding what makes a supplier tick, why they do what they what they do, builds trust and synergy, the two critical ingredients for success in business. The interest of your suppliers should match your supplier selection…

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Procurement Transformation

The Procurement Function has traditionally been perceived as cumbersome, slow, and a necessary evil for doing business. The demands of the modern customer for products delivered cheaper, better, and faster puts unprecedented stress on procurement functions to ensure consistent supply of mission critical inputs to be converted into useful products and be consumed by customers. The Procurement Function can…

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Technologies for Procurement 2019

Modern technologies are poised to upend the Procurement Function as we know it. All aspects of procurement’s three domains, managing spend, protecting organizations from risk, and supporting operations will see significant breakthroughs in the years to come. In 2019 we will notice the following Technology Breakthroughs in Procurement: Unprecedented focus on Advanced Risk Management Capability: Risk Management is a critical component…

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