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Ways Procurement Can Better Manage Risks

Managing risks is a critical component of Procurement Management and the Procurement Function. Procurement Professionals are also responsible for ensuring a steady supply of Mission Critical Inputs that meet quality, price, and delivery criteria. The modern supply chain poses a growing number of risk factors that affect the modern business landscape. Protecting their organizations from risks is a critical part…

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The three pillars of Procurement Risk Management Strategy

Modern procurement risks are evolving daily, requiring effective risk mitigation strategies. The following are 3 pillars of Procurement Risk Management Strategy: Environmental Context:-All organizations are impacted by various factors to varying degrees. Understanding one’s business landscape and the environmental factors that underpin its existence is a critical exercise. Procurement Risks arise from socio-demographic, ecological, economic, competitive, political, technological, customer, product,…

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Three things that destroy trust B/W Procurement and Suppliers’ relationships

The hallmark of a strong supply chain is effective collaboration which can only be obtained for a healthy relationship with all key stakeholders. Suppliers provide critical input and raw materials for the survival of our supply chains lack of trust poses a grave risk. The following are ways that lack of trust puts procurement & supplier relationships at risk: Late Payment…

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